Watch I Hate You Web Series All Episodes Online

Watch I Hate You Web Series All Episodes Online

Watch I Hate You Web Series All Episodes Online


A new web series will debut soon on the Rabbit Original App and the series is named ‘I Hate You’. To increase the level of emotion among the audience, the creators of the series have released their trailer on their online platform. The trailer itself is very electrifying and has increased the level of interest among viewers who are now eagerly awaiting its premiere.

This crime romance web series is also generating a lot of excitement since its trailer was released on Rabbit’s online video by platform. The thing to note is that the ‘I Hate You’ series introduces new actors and actresses to play the main and main characters of this web series . So, you will definitely see some new faces and their acting skills in this series. So far, not much is revealed about the series, however we have compiled all the details that have been announced thus far, so you can get a full overview of the upcoming ‘I Hate You’ web series .

Hate You’ web series details

As this series has started to generate a lot of buzz online, we’re here to bring you some important details about the ‘I Hate You’ web series , including its casts, episodes, plot, and much more.

Web series name: I hate you
Category: Crime, Romance
Seasons: Season one, part 1
OTT platform: Rabbit Movies
Main Cast: Names not yet revealed
Produced by: Rabbit Movies Private Limited
Official Preview: Available in the Rabbit Movies app
Idiom: Hindi
Online Release Date And Day: 29 Saturday May 2021

Plot of the web series ‘I Hate You’

The series ‘I Hate You’ revolves around a woman named Alia Khanna who is married but still looking for deep love. Because of this, she also becomes romantically involved with other men, however the plot will take a dramatic turn at the end and what will happen next is the main climax of this criminal romance series.

‘I Hate You’ Web Series Trailer Launch: Watch It In Rabbit Movies

The trailer for the crime and romance web series ‘I Hate You’ was already released online on the official Rabbit Movies App platform on Wednesday. On top of that, viewers can also access the official trailer for ‘I Hate You’ on YouTube. The creators have released their trailer on the YouTube channel Rabbit Movies 17 hours before the 26 May 2021. So far, the trailer is gaining good attention from the audience and the plot of the series appears to be quite exciting as well.

‘I Hate You’ Web Series Online Launch: When and Where to Watch

The web series ‘I Hate You’ will premiere on 29 May 2021 (Saturday) and will stream only on the Rabbit Movies app or its official website. This application is a video-on-demand platform that allows its users or viewers to access a wide range of web series, movies and entertainment videos. Download the Rabbit Movies app to stream this exciting web series on its premiere date, which is May 29.

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